Easy to Learn Java and C landuages in andriod smartphones using Encode app

How to learn Java and C Languages in Android smart phones-easy way

Today So many students are suffering to learn languages but there are so many apps but live examples and code write and testing app are only one It’s Name is Encode in this application you can write code and test the program within easy way. It will helps so many students in this app you can view all Numbers,Stings,Variables-I,Variables-II,Compound Assignmet,Boooleans,IF Statements,ELSE Statement,Switch Statements,Functions  I,Functions II,Dates,Loops,Arrays,Objects,Data Types,Errors,Puch and Pop,Slice and Concat,Functions III,Map and Reduce,Style,Lexical Scope,This,Classes more features are there In Encode app.

Encode Learn to Code app
Encode Learn to Code app

This app are available at Free And Purchase versions ,Free version has Less functions are there in Purchase version has More functions are there, this app Available to download at Google Play store.

How to Install Encode app
->First you need to download the App for Google play store
->Open the App in your Smartphone
->Choose you Language
->Then it will display some functions in that you can select some functions you can choose and  write code and test it.

Encode trial Video how to it's works

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