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SR.Inter Chemistry Model Paper in 2013||sr inter chemistry important questions

                     sr.Inter Chemistry Model Paper in 2013
I. Answer All the following questions
Each Question carry 2 Marks.
1.Give the deficiency deceases of vitamins A,C,D and K.
2.Write the differences between the polymers Buna-S and Buna-N.
3.What are disaccharides? give one example?
4.What are non narcotics analgesics ?Give on example?
5.what are the bases present in DNA?

6.What is nitrolim and aqua regia?
7.What is tailing of memory?give chemical equation?
8.What are the enzymes involved in the manufacture of ethyl alcohol from molasses?
9.Discuss the preparation of phenol from cumene?

II.Answer any six of the following questions
Each question carry 4 Marks.
1.a)What is colligative property?Give two examples?
  b)4gr. of NaOH are dissolved in 4 lit of the solution.Find the molarity if the solution?
2.Write a short note on 
  a)n-type and p-type semiconductors.
  b)Schottky and Frenkel defects.
3. Discuss the following
  a)Kohlrausch law
  b)Lead accumulator
4.Write the differences between physical and chemical adsorption.
5. Write short note on each of the following process?
  b)Froath flotation Process
6.Explain Warner's theory of complex compounds with suitable examples?
7.a)what is micelle?Give example 
  b)What is gold number?
8.a)Calculate the pH of an aqueous solution having 2gs.of NaOH per 500ml of it.
  b)What is the relation between Kc and kp

III Answer any two of the following questions
Each question carry 8 marks

1.Define rate chemical reaction and explain factors that effect the rate of reaction?
2.a)Draw the structures of the following phosphorous oxyacids
  b)Give reations of cl2 with the following 
    a)H2O         b)SO2
    c)CONC.NaOH   d)Iron Metal
3.Write any two preparation methods of acetaldehyde. How does acetaldehyde react with?

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