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Jr Intermediate Physics Model Paper -2013||Jr Intermediate Physics important questions

            Junior Inter Physics Model Paper 2013
I.Answer all Questions in following in one or two sentences each.
Each Question Carries TWO Marks      10*2=20
1.what is Scientific Method ?
2.Express unified atomic unit in kg?
3.Calculate the time needed fro a net force of 5N to change the velocity of a 10 kg mass by 2m/s?
4.Two rigid bodies have same moment of inertia about their axes of asymmetry of the two which body will have greater kinetic energy?
5.Sate Hooke's law of elasticity?

6.Why are drops and bubbles spherical?
7.At acertain height  above the earth's surface
the acceleration due to gravity is 4% of it value at the surface of the earth.Determine the height?
8.Define Emissive power and Emissivity?
9.Can a room be cooled by leaving the door of an electric refrigerator open?
10.State Dalton's law of partial pressures?
Answer Any SIX In 75words each.
Each Question Carries Four Marks.  6*4=24
1.Show that the maximum height reached by a Projectile Launched at an angle of 45 is one Quater of its range?
2.state parallelogram law of vectors.Derive an expression for the magnitude and direction of the resultant vector?
3.Why is pulling the law rooler preferred to pushing it?
4.Define vector product.Explain the Properties of vector product with two examples?
5.What is escape velocity? obtain an expression for it?
6.Define strain energy and derive the equation for the same?
7.Explain dynamic lift with examples?
Answer any two in 300 words each.
Each question carries Eight marks 2*8=16
1.a)What are collisions?
  b)Explain the possible types of collisions?
  c)Develop the theory of one dimensional elastic collision?
2.a)Define simple harmonic motion.Show that the motion of Piont projection of a particle performing uniform circular motion on any
   diameter,is simple harmonic?
  b)A body describes simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 5cm and a period of 0.2s.Find the acceleration and velocity of
   the body when the displacement is 5cm?
3.a)Explain reversible and irreversible processes?
  b)Describe the working of car not engine.Obtain an expression for the efficiency?

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